IRTG “Energy Conversion Systems” offers second online course series

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As part of the collaboration between FAU and Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, the International Research Training Group GRK 2495 – Energy Conversion Systems will offer four new interdisciplinary graduate level lectures consisting of two courses held by both a Japanese and a German Professor starting from October 2021.

This FAU-NITech Lecture Series will provide doctoral researchers and master students with an excellent overview of processing and synthesis techniques at the heart of the IRTG.

Each 5 ECTS module is compatible with the masters courses: EEI, ET, MWS, NT, MAP, WING, MB, ME, CE.

The course material will be offered through StudOn, and consultation hours via Zoom.

1. Processing of functional ceramics and ceramic structures [UNIVIS]

  • Additive Manufacturing of 3D Cellular Ceramic Structures (Dr. Fey)
  • Processing of Lead-Free Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Ferroelectrics (Prof. Kakimoto)

2. Electrochemistry and growth of single crystal wide band gap semi-conductors [UNIVIS]

3. Synthesis and optical properties of solution processed ferroelectric perovskites [UNIVIS]

4. Nanostructured surface [UNIVIS]


Registration through StudOn. If you have any further administrative questions, please contact Julia Berger

If you are interested in the one of the lectures that was given in the first year of this series, please contact Julia Berger